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  • Get ready to rock out with Let the Juices Run Between 12" Vinyl LP Record by Mande Dahl - a must-have for any fan of rock and punk music. But not only will you enjoy the music, you'll also be supporting a great cause as all proceeds from the sale of this record go towards the nonprofit, Good World Power of Peace.


    Featuring a track list on the front side of the record, this LP includes five electrifying tracks including "Strawberry Meltdown" by Mande Dahl, "Uber Babies" by Mande Dahl, "Girly Girl" by FUNT, "Bye Bye Baby" by The Hollow Legs, and "Mai Ta Emon" by Mande Dahl.


    Flip over to the backside of the record for five more high-energy tracks including "Hey Chinaman" by Mande Dahl, "Ooh, I Don't Feel Nothin'" by Mande Dahl, "Pool Boy" by Bar Nun, "Rear View" by Special "C", and "California" by Kevin Sousa.

    Let the Juices Run Between Vinyl LP Record

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