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Our Mission

Our Mission

GWPOP is a grassroots peace movement aimed at empowering millennials to become a driving force for peaceful change by encouraging them to have a voice and participate in our democracy. We organize events that bring young people together in open spaces to engage in inTent Talks, enjoy music, art, and food, and foster a sense of community. Our goal is to inspire and motivate the younger generation to take an active role in promoting peace and social justice.


trust through being community. Encouraging open conversation, art, music, film, and sport.


a platform for expressing public opinion and new ideas.


government policies that protect human rights, animals, and planet resources.


care for mind, body,

& spirit.


peaceful human relationships.

Youth in Need


of Beach Cities 6th-12th grade students report lacking a sense of belonging


of Beach Cities 11th graders reported chronic sad or hopeless feelings in the past 12 months


of Beach Cities students reported seriously considering attempting suicide in the past 12 months


of Beach Cities students who reported using alcohol or drugs in the past 30 days

Peace over power, with the power of peace

Our inTent

Our inTent

Through inTent Talks we hope to shine a light on mental health and provide teens a supportive environment through conversation, art and music.

The talks are unscripted, no pressure, no judgement forums that give teens the opportunity to be in the moment, get involved with important topics, and meet like-minded individuals. In return, we hope that participants can spread peace with the people in their lives.

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Our History

Our History

In 2015, Amanda Hunter of Hermosa Beach and lead singer of Mande Dahl had the idea of using inTent Talks and festivals to build the Power of Peace in young people from all walks of life. She began bringing young people together in small tents in open spaces to talk with each other. In 2018 the first Good World Peace Festival was held in South Park Hermosa Beach and became an annual event. Learn more at


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We're a nonprofit organization that relies largely on your support to get our work done.

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